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Recruitment – Assessment – Employment of Aviation Professionals

Aviation recruitment: Are you looking for highly professional aviation personnel, temporarily or permanent?
In partnership we offer professional expertise and extensive network will fit your needs perfectly.
We can assist you with highly professional and current aviation personnel for both permanent & temporary solutions.

Tailored solutions for each project. With our extensive network of contacts within the aviation industry, covering most aircraft types and theaters of operation

We offer very reliable workers and a world class support service which will increase efficiency and decrease the costs of your organization

Our services in aviation recruitment give you instant access to experienced pilots (fixed and rotary wing), cabin crew and ground staff.

  • Manage seasonal peaks
  • Deal with unexpected demand
  • Exploit opportunities in the market
  • Maintain crewing rations during fleet expansion / replacement

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Cockpit Crew

Our ability to provide suitably licensed and experienced pilots at very short notice reduces your training requirements and can dramatically lower conversion, recurrent and simulator training costs.

Coupled with the flexibility of our crew leasing service, our aviation recruitment services enable you to directly link your crewing costs to the peaks and troughs in your particular operation and to capitalize on the lower employment costs of other countries. Using our services gives you instant access to highly qualified and experienced Training Captains, Captains, First-Officers, SFI, TRI and TRE.

  • Fleet expansion / Fleet changes
  • Seasonal- / Unscheduled demands
  • Respond to market opportunities
  • Conversion training programs

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Cabin Crew

Our services in aviation recruitment cover the entire spectrum of cabin crew recruitment and can be tailored to suit your precise requirements. From advertisement campaign management and response handling to assessment centers, contract administration and air side ID reference checks, our partner shoulders the volume-based activities leaving you free to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

In the case of VIP aircraft, we can identify flight attendants with specialist skills such as fine cuisine, silver service, nursing and foreign languages – and those who have precisely the right cultural and personality fit for a smaller, more discrete operation.

We have a wealth of experience in aviation recruitment of flight attendants for all sizes of aircraft. From single-crew executive aircraft to the A380, we can help operators source and recruit the right caliber of staff to deliver their unique in-flight product

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Operation & Ground Staff

We are specialists in aviation recruitment of ground-based management and executive roles within aviation. Our vast network of industry contacts enables us to quickly locate candidates with unique skill sets before swiftly attracting and securing them for your organization.

Our Ground Staff division covers a wide range of managerial and executive airline appointments on a worldwide basis, including:

  • Flight Operations
  • Executives
  • Finance and Management
  • Human resources
  • Aircraft Engineers & Technicians
  • Airport services
  • Sales & Marketing

With our extensive network within the industry, covering most aircraft types and theaters of operation

We offer very reliable workers and a world class support service which will increase efficiency and decrease the costs of your organization