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Jet Vision’s AviationForex: As the business world continues to evolve so do the methods in how we communicate and conduct our International Financial Payments.

In today’s challenging environment which all industries are experiencing, overseas payment methods have become critical to financial success, which must be made quickly and efficiently, avoiding mistakes and saving time without the consequential costs, disruption and absent resources.

Using our award winning “Live On-Line Platform” a strong, research led process underpins and complements the deep experience of our consultants and our extensive international Aviation network of contacts to minimise risk and provide for the successful delivery of any Overseas Foreign Currency Transaction. Our success comes from the implementation of a number of key strategies that assist us in this process. It’s these methods and knowledge that allows us to engage with our clients and help us ensure that we are providing a Transparent, Secure and Fast Platform, therefore delivering both confidence and results.

AviationForex the On-Line “Foreign Currency Exchange Platform” designed for the Aviation Industry…..

Power To Execute your Foreign Exchange

Send Money Anywhere, Fast.
Make Secure Payments to Over 212 Countries Within 24 Hours.

For All Aviation Companies

  • MRO
  • FBO
  • OEM
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Catering Payments
  • Aircraft Charter Brokers
  • Fuel and Ramp Payments
  • Flight Training Payments
  • Overseas Contract Employee Payments

Global On-line “Foreign Currency  Exchange Platform”


* You Control Your Account
* Manage Your Account Anytime-Anywhere
* Multi Currency-Multi Location
* Make Secure Guaranteed Payments
* Live Interbank Exchange Rates

 Want to know how your company can benefit from AviationForex?

AviationForex designed for Aviation by people in Aviation

The Smart Way to Manage International Cross Border Transactions 

The Directors of AviationForex Ltd identified a need for a fast secure and inexpensive method to move currencies and pay beneficiaries in multi-currencies and multi-locations within the aviation sector. Further research revealed that no single identity existed within aviation dedicated to the industry. The Directors all from this environment realised an enormous opportunity to assist the aviation sector with a unique service.

AviationForex has been created to provide a dedicated and unique method for buying or selling an aircraft, aircraft parts or paying MRO Providers invoices or indeed just going about normal business. Clients are able to complete their transaction within 48 hours or in less than 4 hours if it is within Europe and the US all from the comfort of their own office.

The key benefits of taking control of your transactions, delivering currency within 2 or 4 hours in Europe and the US and Plus one day elsewhere together with the significant pricing advantage that the company delivers against the banks will ensure success for any company, large or small.

How it Works?

we guarantee that your data will not be shared 

Quick Transparent Transactions

  • Through AFX same day service Clients are able to settle with their beneficiaries faster than the market norm of 48 hours. Within 2 or 4 hours within Europe and the US or plus one day elsewhere.
  • Live Interbank Mid Market Rates are displayed, clients have full transparency to the cost of each transaction they make, offering excellent opportunity to forward plan stock purchases. Accurate assessment of cost, no smoke and mirrors.
  • AOG or delivery of goods times are significantly reduced. No hold up through currency holds.
  • Intelligent system available to make transactions within two minutes. Foreign Exchange Made Easy
  • AviationForex makes it possible to secure optimum rates for a vast range of currency pairs.
  • By providing clients their own live-time system they are able to make transactions happen at a moments notice.
  • Whichever transactions are needed, we are able to provide clients with the ability to control it themselves or even give clients direct access to our traders on more complex trades. It goes without saying that the rates will be more competitive than any high street bank or broker.


  • We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in London and fully compliant with global anti-money laundering and sanction screening laws. We can even manage your ‘know your customer’ processes, because we provide the same levels of security and reliability as a bank.
  • The future success of our company depends on trust – our customers’ trust in us and their customers’ trust in them. At AviationForex we invest heavily in our systems to give you bank- grade levels of security.
  • Our security processes and controls are fully comprehensive, with key highlights as follows:
  • Physical Security – Our service operates from multiple high security Tier 4 Data Centres used by banks and other financial institutions
  • Network Security – Our firewalls are managed by dedicated staff and we undergo regular third party penetration tests, to ensure our service is secure
  • Encryption – All network traffic is encrypted and all sensitive customer data is also stored in an encrypted format
  • Data Separation – We use a multi-tenant architecture to ensure all customer data is stored separately from one another
  • Strong Access Control – We assign unique ID’s to each individual and require two step authentication for all access.

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